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Six Keys to a Successful and Wholesome Relationship

Couples who kiss regularly
Couples who kiss regularly are less likely to get depressed

We all dream of a perfect scenario and a perfect bond. Yes, to a certain extent, we can achieve that, it just requires efforts from both partners.

Any relationship is a two-way process. In order for a relationship to sustain itself and flourish, it is crucial that both partners invest time, emotions, efforts, respect, trust and energy. It is alright to some extent if the effort of one party is more in comparison to the other, but one-sided efforts will not be enough to sustain any relationship for the long haul.

Communication is the key to maintain that perfect bond between partners. Communicate with each other and maintain that transparency where you both can be open about your feelings.

We often talk about how love and understanding will make a perfect relationship, but in practice, it all comes down to small details; simple gestures which show you care about the other person just as much as they care about you.

The beginning of love is to let those we love to be themselves and not twist them into our own image; otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves which we find in them.

Here are 6 keys both partners can keep each other content, satisfied and happy.


  1. Communication

Relationships live and die not by the sword, but by the amount of discussion. Communication, as it is rightly said, is the key to a successful relationship. Even individuals with distinguishing personality type share the strongest bonds if they are willing to communicate, irrespective of how they feel towards others around them.

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Communication should take place in a humble and timely manner to avoid emotional buildup and the subsequent development of stressors. Lack of communication always paves way for assumptions and misunderstandings.


  1. Share your feelings

Don’t keep your likes and dislikes, dreams and fears, achievements and mistakes, or anything else to yourself. If it’s important to you, share it with your partner. Be sure to share more with your partner than you do with anyone else.

While there is certainly a need for some personal space in even the closest relationship, give as much of yourself and your time as you can bear to your partner.


  1. Show affection

Identify your love language. Find out which style(s) float around you in your relationship and then take time to give each other what you need. Reinforce your positive behaviours.

Perhaps your partner wants to be more affectionate but doesn’t really know how to start, if you suspect that’s the case, start doing sweet things first and see if it gets things going the right way.

  1. Show Appreciation

Another key to a successful relationship is by showing appreciation for their love and efforts. It can be with a hug, kiss, or by saying it to his face that you appreciate him. Appreciation is key to positively reinforcing someone’s attempts to get closer to us.

  1. Mindfulness

Another key aspect of a relationship is mindfulness. A person is said to have attained this state of mind when their thoughts, feelings and actions are in accordance with one another. This means that what one thinks and feels is what they speak and do.

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Relationships turn sour over time if either or both parties fail to keep their words, and so it is important for people to make conscious efforts to keep things beautiful and nice.

  1. Don’t Hide Your Needs

Most times when we enter a relationship, we tend to put ourselves second, behind the other person’s needs and desires. We might give up working on ourselves or agree to move to another city to help support our significant other’s career.

I am not saying it is bad, but you need to be realistic first with yourself about whether such things really matter to you or not. If they do, you need to find a way to communicate such needs with your partner and compromise where possible.

Note: Do not lose yourself in a relationship. Don’t get carried away with love and forget your self-worth.

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