sich-oo-ey-shuh n ship.

“A relationship that has no label on it.. like a friendship but more than a friendship but not quite a relationship”.

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This seems to be the new rave. One latching on to another yet unaware of what it is ‘they are doing’ while some will say labelling what they have will ruin things.

What’s the point defining this if what we have makes us happy they say, so you go with the flow afraid to actually voice out how you feel why? Cos ure scared it will backfire and once again you will end up all alone.

You see him (in most cases) or her doing stuff you do not approve of but you cannot speak up because ‘bae’ isnt ‘bae’ afterall.

You get jealous wondering who he’s texting at 2am in the morning yet you dare not let the fact that you are upset be visible because ‘bae isnt bae’ remember?!

In , most cases sex is involved and females being emotional beings by default get all caught up.

Emotions and feelings are heightened only to be shut down by the response they get to the ‘so what are we’ question.

For some, the guy in question has even professed how much he cares about you and he might even chip in that he loves you and wants things to work out.

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Go on then, ask him a few weeks later if you’re his girlfriend.

I bet the answer you would get is ‘I haven’t asked you out yet but lets see how things go’.

If you’re okay with this arrangement please by all means remain in it. But I see it as time consuming and time wasting to be where you are not wanted or unsure of.

Wouldn’t you rather be alone than be confused I ask?

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