The art of effective questioning is one that must be developed by an individual who desires a positive result regarding a particular situation or certain aspect of life. It is however pertinent to note that it is not all questions that result in the positive, sometimes the answers just give a clearer picture or view of the situation.

I call effective questioning an art because it is something you develop and get better at over time. It is however unfortunate that in this part of the world we are mostly trained not to ask questions. I think it is safe to say that a large number of us fall into this category. We were trained not to talk too much and God forbid that a child shows signs of being the inquisitive type, such a child would be rained down with statements such as Don’t talk, keep quiet, you talk too much, you ask questions beyond your age, etc. God help the female child who falls into this category when she is expected to be quiet, contrite and meek.

I focus this write up mainly on the female gender.  We have the tendency of not asking too many questions which leads to a lot of assumptions being made. These assumptions in the long run end up being wrong, untrue and unfounded, having adverse effects on us and thus causing us great distress. I charge us as women not to take certain things for granted and just assume. We can nicely but firmly ask why things appear and remain the way they are, I shall refrain from going into the specifics in this edition, but I encourage you to take a deep look at all that makes you up – job, family, church, kids’ school/education, the house you live in, your bank etc.  Sieve out whatever you feel uncomfortable with and ask questions from the right people involved.

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Keep safe till next time and keep on keeping on.


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