Miss Benita was my neighbour; she looked very young, pretty and curvy. She lived with a young girl of about 12-15 years old.  I often wondered who the girl was to her until I asked her, she told me that Miss Benita is her mom; I then wondered why she calls her ‘Aunty Nita’. When I asked a few people around, I was told that some single moms preferred to be addressed either by their names or something that won’t reveal or disclose their true status.
In the world today there is no doubt that the thoughts of being a single mom is quite overwhelming and thus leading to a set of emotional and psychological challenges.
Single moms are saddled with the thoughts of catering for their kids (physically, mentally,materially and financially) and making decisions all alone. This could either be by their choice to become one or by situations surrounding their ordeal.
Being a single mom is a 24/7 job that has no hiding place or having the opportunity of passing or sharing the baton with the other parent. In most cases once a single mom has had a bad day or moment, they get unnecessarily irritated by their kids’ actions and this leads to throwing tantrums. In cases like that it is better to send the kids to play or watch TV so u can have a quiet moment to get over your worries.
Unlike being a couple where the other spouse agrees or disagrees with certain methods of parenting, it is quite difficult for the single mom because she has duty of parenting alone. Thus it doesn’t give her the opportunity to know when she is carrying out positive parenting or when to get help were she falls short.
Being a single mom, you tend to be overprotective because you will always want your kids to trust and confide in you totally. In certain cases u find single moms buying and giving their kids what is not needed.

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There is no doubt that you always want to keep your kids up-to-date in other to make them feel complete but often times, it is done extremely without a balance.
Nonetheless, single moms continually face challenges but with a proper schedule, the journey becomes less tedious. A little family is still a family and a Parent is still a parent.

Kudos to all single moms out there!



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