I am a single 35 year old. I have a great job and a good life. I am even in a relationship with a wonderful guy. Unfortunately, my parents don’t approve of the relationship because he’s a Muslim. Is it so bad that he’s Muslim? He’s kind, gentle, loving, respectful, caring…what more could a woman want?

I’ll first ask you what your values are. What is really important to you regarding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? It’s very important you sit down and discover yourself and what you truly want. No one can answer your own questions like you. Is it possible that your parents are seeing some things that you are not seeing? An African proverb says ‘what an elder sees while sitting, a young person would not see on a ladder’.

Secondly, are you a Christian? If yes, remember the Bible admonishes us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Please don’t make the mistake that you can change him after getting married. You cannot make him give his life to Christ except the Holy Spirit convicts him. You don’t have the same Father if you don’t worship the same Father. And except the foundation is firmly established, I’m sorry, the building will not stand.

Can I ask how long you have known this wonderful guy? Do you know his values and life’s goals? Do they resonate with yours? What’s your vision for the relationship? Hope you are not blinded by ‘love’ as not to notice any ‘red flag’ that may be lurking underneath his demeanour? If you can get true answers to these questions then you are on your way to happiness.

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Lastly, remember it’s eventually your call. No one will live in your marriage for you. It’s going to be your experience and life, so be careful to make the right choice and please look very well before you leap.

I wish you the best.


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