Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Dr Kevin Leman is premised on the idea that your mate ought to be the number one priority in your life; a good marital relationship is based upon pleasing each other, being tuned in and sensitive to each other’s emotional as well as sexual needs. Sexual intimacy between a man and woman should be the culmination and expression of the intimacy they share in all areas of their life.

The book also takes an in-depth look into the many levels of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman and how these lead to a healthy sex life. In the realm of intimacy, there are no barriers or secrets, the couple share their thoughts and feelings, they understand their love languages and they express these freely in marriage; both emotionally and physically. The completion of an entire day full of affection, consideration, love and oneness makes your sexual experience heavenly.


Kevin Leman posits that there is a general misconception about sex, hence the concept; ‘sex begins in the kitchen’. He is confident that when a man has the deepest sort of communion with a woman who is warm, wonderful and wise, he has the best life can offer. He explained how you can attain this level with your spouse.


The authenticity of your love is not expressly revealed through your words, as much as it is evident from your actions. The book provides more insights on this and gives you the clues you need to see improvement in your marriage, if you sincerely desire a change.

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In the course of exploring some of the salient topics in the book, Dr Leman raises an important point on sex and marriage; he strongly believes that sex belongs in marriage and only in marriage. The sexual union is a vital part of the love affair that brought a man and woman together as husband and wife in the first place.  According to him, the “new celibacy” that is preached today will only crumble the intimacy that is initially meant for our pleasure. One of the greatest needs he mentioned for most married men is sexual fulfilment; celibacy is simply not normal or healthy.

The author explains the importance of making intimacy concrete in marriage; a wife needs to know her husband, see him as sexually desirable, and the husband needs an assurance that his wife enjoys being with him in this intimate way. Frequent sex does not necessarily produce a healthy marriage; the couple’s schedule should be based on mutual respect and a desire to please the other partner. Frequency is entirely up to the couple, as long as they are fulfilled.


It is not easy to effect the change that you seek, but it is definitely achievable, if you and your partner will commit yourselves to each other and implement any of the ideas expressed in Sex Begins in the Kitchen, your marriage will be heaven on earth.

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