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Seven Important and Necessary Things to Add to your Travel Bag this December


As we know that holiday is fast approaching and who doesn’t love the festivities! You have your tickets ready and probably you are clearing the booking process; all is set to go and unwind as you prepare for next year. But one thing is that you are not ready yet, because you don’t know what to pack and what to leave behind.

Regardless of your destination, these are some essential things that you should consider adding to your travel bag this December:

  1. Medicines

This is a very important and necessary one because there are some prescription medicines that you can’t afford to miss a dose. You should pack them along with a copy of the prescription. As a precautionary measure, medicines for common problems like cold, fever, headache, etc. can also be part of your travel luggage by default.

  1. Proof of Identity

This one is very important and should always be in your travel bag. Hotels, in most places, won’t rent a room if you don’t have one. Also, in case of any mishap or any other contingency, it would be of great help to travellers and their family.

  1. Flashlight

Yes! You heard that right. No matter how sure you are about your destination, even though, it’s always 24/7 lights on, it is always wise to have a backup light just in case it is one of those days. You probably do not want to drain your phone’s charge, therefore, carrying a flashlight will work magic for you.

  1. Camera

You definitely need a camera to capture all the beautiful moments of your holiday.

  1. Water bottle

Water is life and staying hydrated throughout your holiday will boost your energy as well as make you enjoy your trip. So, stay hydrated by always carrying a water bottle with you.

  1. Pen and a notebook

With the right apps, a smartphone can do almost anything, but it’s also useful to occasionally ditch your phone in favour of a trusty notebook. A notebook can be a repository for all the odds and ends you want to remember, from your trip.

  1. Portable charger and all charging cords

You do not want your gadget’s battery to die while you are still on vacation. It is important to carry power banks and all the charging cords to ensure that your trip is smooth.

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