You can give your kids the bedroom of their dreams and you do not have to break the bank to do this. It’s all about being creative while putting their choices into consideration. Even if you have a small or limited space, with some innovation, you can transform it into a beautiful children’s room. It is advisable to separate boys’ room from girls’.

Carry them along

Involve your children in setting up their own rooms. Make it easy for them to put away and later locate their stuff.

Have a colour theme  

Generally bright colours are used for children, while soft colours like pink, lilac, light shades of blue are usually used for girls.

Use bunk beds

Bunk beds are a great way to conserve space. The upper bunk should be for the older child while the lower should be for the younger. To ensure safety and the need for the older child to have space, you could have a firm rule that the younger child cannot go up the ladder. At about the age of 9, kids really want to have privacy and their stuff to themselves. You could separate their stuffs by having a closet or wardrobe for each child.

Set aside a study area

Older children need a separate place for their homework and study, have a desk and chair in a corner of the room. It does not have to be something big and bogus just cute furniture. Make sure that there is ample lighting in the area to prevent eye strain.

Make furniture and equipment child-friendly

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Furniture and other equipment in the room should be child-friendly. The wardrobes or closets should have lower rods and kid-size hangers. For easy accessibility, use open bins or baskets on the closet floor for socks, underwear and pyjamas.

Have a wide-mouth or open laundry hamper near the closet or dresser to keep dirty clothes away from the floor and beds.

Toys and accessories

Hang baskets or bins that hold small toys, socks or other little things. Have bigger lovely bins or baskets for larger toys. Teach your children how to group similar items together for example fine art materials, toys and Legos, cars, puzzles etc. This helps them develop the culture of arranging the room well and enables them locate things easily later. The toys could also be stored in a storage space in the basement or store or outside the room retaining only the ones that are in regular use in the room, while you could also change and rotate them periodically. This helps to create more room for play and relaxation in the room.


Having a bookshelf in the room could help keep things tidy. Bedtime story books, school books, cartoon books, stationery etc. could be stored there. Again it does not have to be something big, just a cute piece of furniture.
Make an effort to create a befitting room for your children.

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