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Self-awareness is an essential asset in living out your purpose with confidence. When you have a clear understanding of who you are, what you value, and what you hope to achieve.

Self-awareness is the secret weapon of successful people. When you have a deep understanding of what is going on with you, you are more conscious of how you impact others and therefore become more intentional in all you do.

Here are 3 Reasons Self-Awareness Is Essential

1. Self-awareness is the strongest predictor of success.

A study by an organizational consulting firm, Green Peak Partners, and Cornell University examined 72 executives at public and private companies and found that “a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success.”

While experience, confidence, ability to make tough decisions, and other so-called “hard skills” were important, the researchers concluded that self-awareness was the key differentiator for the most successful leaders. “The executives most likely to deliver good bottom line results are actually self-aware leaders who are especially good at working with individuals and in teams.”

Self-awareness equips us to work with others in a way that leads to results.

2. Self-awareness equips you to know where to focus.

Rewind to a younger you and I bet you had greater clarity about your passions and goals for life. Fast-forward and layer on the complexity of work experience, family life, and increased responsibilities, and you’ve likely lost that level of clarity. When we are responding to all the “shoulds” that come at us, it seems we don’t have the luxury of knowing what we really want.

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When we commit to being self-aware, we fight to stay connected to our core longings. We know our strengths and weaknesses, which equips us to know where to focus our growth efforts. The tendency is to feel that this is selfish or self-focused, but the reality is that those we influence get our best engagement when we know ourselves well and are leaning into our strengths.

3. Self-awareness makes you less self-focused.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the more self-aware we become the less self-focused we actually are. When we are self-aware, we are more in touch with how we engage others and how they experience us. We know when we’re under stress and are more likely to catch ourselves before we say that sarcastic comment or respond curtly. The more self-aware we are, the more in tune we will be to our emotions and how they are impacting our actions. We notice how we affect others and more deliberately consider what we need to do to act in a way that is respectful to others.

When we lack self-awareness, we miss the social cues that indicate others are walking on eggshells around us or are afraid to speak up. Greater self-awareness helps you understand how others experience you and you are able to adjust your style to others rather than expecting them to adjust to you.

Source: Grit & Grace Project

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