When it comes to relationship with yourself, you should be your own best friend or biggest critic. Value, which is also called self-worth, is not the same as self esteem. Self-esteem is more about confidence and healthy admiration for one’s self. While, self-worth is the leading woman in the big picture of mental and emotional health.

Without self-worth, your general well-being will suffer. This is because, seeing value in yourself comes from within. The value you place on yourself is the only type of worth you can control. So, you determine how inside factors influence your sense of value.

Trying to base your self-worth on external factor is extremely risky. External forces are always in a state of flux. Well, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a source of motivation for personal goals but, there is a lot of room for disappointment and confusion. It blinds you from seeing your own strengths and blocks you from reaching your full potential.

Never compare yourself. When you see values based on the outside factors, it is a subconscious way of comparing yourself to specific standards set by others. Therefore, you tend to ignore the awesome things you have done or you can do. But, your terms matter, not other’s terms!

Also, embrace your mistakes. No one is perfect and it is normal for people to cringe at past blunders and faults. Yes, mistakes can elicit feelings of shame and regret but, it depends on how you look at it. Are you willing to learn from your mistakes? Therefore, you need to control how you handle them to avoid repetitions.

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Furthermore, take opportunities to develop yourself. You can do this by paying attention to things around you. Read books and blogs on topics that are meaningful. Attend events, lectures and workshops on subject that interests you. No matter how busy you are, always find time to develop yourself. It will fuel your sense of self-worth.

Regardless of where you are in life, always remember the words of Brene Brown, “You are imperfect and you are wired for struggle. But, you are worthy of love and belonging.” The quest for self-worth never ends. There will always be room for more.

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