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Secrets Every Successful Homemaker Knows


Many have looked down on homemakers and stay-at-home mums, often thinking that there can possibly be no joy in being tied down at home doing chores. In truth, so long as you keep seeing it as ‘being tied down’, it will never be anything more than that to you. Being a homemaker is not something to be looked down at for, nor is it a demeaning task or duty. In fact, it is a career, just like any other, and one for which women should be commended.

Homemaking is an art. And while some of us still rush through our chores or find help for them, there are some women who are skilled in the art. Some of their secrets are shared below.

Begin with your mindset

Being a successful homemaker starts where all good things begin; in your mind. There are two thoughts you must constantly maintain; the first is that being a homemaker is not synonymous with the drudgery of house chores as some see it. The second is that you must take it as your job. In much the same way you focus and carry on an out-of-home job, give homemaking the same measure of commitment and dedication.

Have a schedule

Always have a schedule for the tasks you need to accomplish with specific time frames. What this does s that it helps you accomplish more at any given point in time. When you say you want to use 15 minutes to clean your bedroom, that is not the time to get distracted by trying on old clothes you haven’t worn in a while. When you don’t have a schedule, the hours just roll into days without the requisite feeling of accomplishment that should go with it.

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Get a head start on your day.

Successful housekeepers are always the first to rise; especially before the children. When you wake up right before you rouse your kids from sleep, you find yourself rushing through your morning, which may inadvertently affect the rest of your day. Rising before the rest of your household gives you some alone time to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Never be afraid of the ‘N’ word

Let’s face it; you don’t have to do all you need to do in one fell swoop. A great homemaker understands that she is human. What that means is instead of seeing all your chores as something you need to do in the immediate, learn to do what you need to do now and plan when and how to do each chore. Also, as the kids grow, you need to learn to delegate simpler tasks to them.

Maintain balance

While it is important to have a home looking in perfect order, we know that where there are kids, you are more likely to find some portion of the house looking like a mini zoo. Maintaining balance here simply means that while you will not condone toys strewn all across the stairs all the time, do not also be so strict about neatness, order and cleanliness to the point where your kids are afraid to be kids because they don’t want to mess up your picture perfect home. A great homemaker always remembers that the people within her home are more important than the jobs and things within the home, knows when to shift attention away from the jobs and onto their most cherished people.

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Most importantly, have fun being a homemaker, take pride in your work, and create that wonderful atmosphere that make your family always eager to return home after a day out.


To your awesomeness!


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