Most times children play intuitively by exploring different ways. Some of them do this with caution while others continually seek out new challenge. Either way, it is the guidance’s responsibility to make sure that they are protected. With this, it is necessary to equip and teach your children the basic safety rules to protect themselves from scary situations both at home and in school.

As long as you would love to be with your children always, you can’t protect them for 24 hours. So by teaching them to protect themselves, you put them in good stead for a healthy and happy future. Here are the few safety tips to teach your children:

#1 Teach Them Your Contact Information

Your kids may be small but it is important that they know the basic contact details. Details such as mummy or daddy’s name and contact number. They should be able to share your contact in case of emergency situations. In addition to this, they should know where the house is or important landmarks.

#2 Tell Them Not to Talk to Strangers

Make them understand that if a stranger tells them “your mummy asked you to come with me immediately,” they should not yield to the trick. Tell them you’d always come to pick them in school.

#3 Do Not Eat Anything Given to You By a Stranger

Teach them to be contented with whatever you have given them. Sometimes, their classmates may celebrate their birthdays in school and at home, neighbours may give them something. Let them know the importance of showing you before they attempt to eat it.

#4 Do Not Play With Fire

Let them know that, they are not allowed to play with fire. Also, make sure all the fire outlets are safely out from your kid’s reach.

#5 No One is Allowed to Touch Their Private Part

This is a very sensitive part for not just the female child but for the male child as well. As soon as they understand the basic, teach about good touch and bad touch. Tell your kid that no one is allowed to touch their private part except mummy and sometimes daddy. Also, they should speak up immediately if anyone except mummy and daddy has touched their private part.

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#6 Keep Sensitive Materials From Them

Don’t store products such as drugs, cleaning materials and other chemicals in a container where they might be mistaken for food. They are poisonous to kids if swallowed. So, store in a locked cabinet.

#7 Protect Them From Electrical Wire

Try to cover every open electrical outlet because electrical shock causes death and injury. It can occur when your children touches an electrically charged object, while touching another surface that can conduct the electricity to the ground.

#8 Teach Them Not to Keep Secrets From You

Be close to your kids, so they can tell you everything bothering them. Also, make sure they are not lured by outsiders. But, be their only close friend.

It is important that your children understand the basic safety rules. There are certain things you can start to teach them as early as three years old. So, make sure you always communicate them to them.

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