It is true that the final deal that signs a woman over to be traditionally married to a man is called the Bride price. It is also said that a man who has refused to pay a girl’s bride price has stolen the woman and is not a man of integrity. Likewise a woman married properly (by the way of bride price) brings honour to her family and community.

One of the comments read online about the issue of bride price such as Is bride price the cause of Nigeria problems? Even when the bride price is reduced without Job, do you think wise guys will still get married? At list bride price is paid only once in a life time and not everyday thing. Government should provide jobs and even when bride price is multiply by 10, you will see the way guy will be getting married. This has kept me wondering, with this present economic state of the country, how will men survive the plenty requirements from the family of the woman? I pity men sha! Especially those ones that have found love in some states where their bride price is like buying 3 plots of land or more.

You see, women too are very considerate (did I hear someone say that it is to our benefit?). The Wife of the Benue state Governor, Mrs. Eunice Ortom has called on traditional rulers to discard all the unnecessary charges that has made marriage too expensive for the people.

Wife of the Benue State Governor, Mrs. Eunice Ortom, has appealed to Tor Tiv-elect, Prof. James Ayatse, to review bride-prices in Tiv land, to enable young men get married “when due”.

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Ortom made the appeal on Tuesday, when she paid a courtesy visit to the Tor Tiv-elect in Makurdi. She decried the high demands made on young men seeking to marry Tiv daughters, and described the situation as “very discouraging”.

“Such high demands discourage many bachelors from even attempting to get married; the result is that many young girls cannot find husbands,” she said.
The governor’s wife argued that such exorbitant charges were not part of Tiv culture.

“Such charges are imported; our traditional rulers should discard them,” she said.

While noting that bride-price payment was sacrosanct in every marriage, she cautioned parents against selling their daughters “especially since the relationship between in-laws remains, long after such marriage rites”.

She regretted that many young men now preferred to elope with their loved ones owing to such huge monetary demands, and stressed the need to make the process affordable so as to restore the sanctity of the marriage institution.

Ortom pledged her support to the new monarch, saying that his emergence was an act of God that would bring unity to the Tiv nation.

Responding, the traditional ruler promised to work toward a united Tiv nation, and promised to be truthful, transparent and promote the fear of God at all times.
He also promised to uphold valuable cultural practises and repeal negative ones.

Ayatse decried the politics of rancour and acrimony in Tiv land, and promised to reconcile Tiv sons and daughters toward building a united front.,325396.0.html


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