Telling someone you have a crush on them takes a lot of courage, and it can be painful or sad if that person rejects you. Important is how you handle that rejection and move on from that painful situation. The butterfly feeling you get when the person you’re crushing on likes you back is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. And that sad feeling you get in your stomach when your crush doesn’t like you back is probably one of the worst. Rejection really sucks, but really rejection is especially awful when it comes to love, like when you get rejected by your crush.

Below are some reasons why your crush could be rejecting you.

1.  Because your crush doesn’t have any feelings for you.

It’s a simple and common reason for the rejection. You could be feeling some very strong feelings for your crush, while they might not be feeling the same. Maybe your crush does have feelings for you but in the other way round.

2.  Your crush isn’t ready for a relationship.

Sometimes, we think that they are telling a lie but it could be the truth. Maybe they could have just gotten out one, your crush could still have feelings for their ex, or maybe they couldn’t handle a relationship.

3.  Because your crush is confuse about you.

Maybe your crush has no idea of what you want. Sometimes, people can be clueless about these sorts of things. Your crush might be confused whether you want to go on a date or you want a serious relationship.

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4.  Maybe your crush want to make a clear move.

Have you actually spoken out your feelings to your crush? Maybe you are hiding obvious hints and hoping that your crush notice. He/she might be shy and waiting for you to make a proper move.

5.  Maybe your crush have feelings for someone

It’s worse if they have romantic feelings, but for someone else. It can happen because it’s a common sign. Maybe your crush has an eye for someone else.

6.  Because your crush is happy being single

There are many people who love being single. You might think he is the type who wants a relationship, but maybe he enjoys being single and has no interest in being with someone.

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