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Teenagers are perceived as trouble makers, rude and unruly. I think this is a major misconception. I know them to be bubbly, feisty, full of life, budding, fun loving, the list goes on. The most intriguing discovery about these teenagers is the power of bonding and cooperation they display when they are reprimanded or when they encounter opposition. They build a wall of defense or form a consensus that is difficult to break. Do not ask me how I know this, after all, we passed through this stage, and we are probably guilty of one, if not all of these observations.

If you must know, the teenage years are some of the most vulnerable in the life-span of an individual. They want validation and encouragement for every activity they set out to do. However, they see it as betrayal when adults judge them without seeking to understand them. Most teenagers believe that they are most disadvantaged, this results in their throwing different tantrums. This is not to cover up for the many disappearing acts you find in these chaps, nor is it an excuse to paint a picture-perfect character. They have their many vices and tantrums; let’s consider a number of them:



Peer pressure

Opposition to constituted authority





We cannot bring this to light without considering their positive attributes, they are:




Creative and Innovative




How can we bring the best out of these teenagers?

I strongly believe every teenager is unique in their own special way, make a deliberate move to understand them. For the erring teenager, you can adopt the carrot and stick method to reward or chastise them accordingly. As a parent or guardian, assist them to channel their creativity into positive endeavors; help them turn their hobbies into money making ventures.

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