You find yourself with bare walls and no floor covering – the ideal beginning of personal expression. You have a home that you can decorate as you wish – no limitations, no restrictions. Your style dictates each room and there’s a certain freedom you’ve never known.


Unfortunately, you are also faced with the realization that you’re not sure what to do. Your style seems to be a lacking thing. You stare at those white walls, tile flooring without a covering and you think, “Oh! Now what?” No ideas seem to work and something as simple as choosing a color worries you.


Well, worry no more: I’m here to explain how you decide on a personal style, one that will let you decorate your home to reflect who you are. Say goodbye to empty walls and a lack of creativity. You’re on your way to a sense of self and home.


To begin, you need to simply examine what you like. So many people forget to take the time to think of their favorite colors, themes, etc. By narrowing down the choices, you will more easily
be able to decide what kind of decorations and type of floor covering to choose.


For example, do you hate the color red? Then you certainly wouldn’t put it in your floor covering. Address the basic questions of what you want. Issues like:


* What colors do I love or hate?
* Am I more modern or classic?
* Am I a minimalist or do I want these walls filled?
* Any rooms from my past that I always enjoyed? If so, what did I enjoy about them?

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When you have that done, you can then move on to research. Look through magazines, watch television, study your friends’ homes, and read articles. See what is available. This way, you can learn various style techniques and see if they apply to you. Not all of them will, of course, and you may find many that you hate. But that is part of the process: learning what you like by seeing what you don’t.


As you do this research, you will begin to notice certain trends in your choices. Usually, we follow patterns and styles that flow together. Because of this, you will quickly be able to see where your tastes fall. Seeking out a floor covering that are part of that will not be difficult. Even a mere few hours of research will have you pointing to pages and taking notes. You will know what you like, what you hate and what you may one day want to try.


Defining a personal style is not difficult. You merely have to ask a few simple questions and then do a bit of research. In a short time, you can find out what you want your home to be. And it will reflect who you are. Decorating your walls and choosing your floor covering selection should be expression, not aggravation.


Keep in mind that interior designs is simply an expression of yourself in spaces.

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