So there has been this buzz about proposals with different opinions, and I feel it’s time to speak my truth on this issue. So yeah, let me begin.

Proposing has been a long time phenomenon, either it is two lovers playing under a mango tree and the guy putting on a dashing smile and asking gently with puppy eyes: will you marry me?  Or a man offering a shoe to a lady and also saying the same kind of words: will you marry me? It’s all proposals.

Just saying the word: “Marry me” itself is a proposal.

But in recent time, it seemed that those who do a hyped form of proposals are tagged ‘flashy,’ and labeled as people seeking attention, while those who proposed in un-hyped form are tagged ‘unromantic’. I think this isn’t fair. Either you are the type that wants it low key, or wants it in a hyped manner, there is nothing wrong with it. It all boils down to – personality.

Yes in many cultures, the men get to do the proposals and sometimes they feel they have to do what they want. But pardon me to say— it is not just about you. It is about you and your partner and also knowing the kind of partner you have. If your partner is an introvert, she most likely would not want a hyped proposal, but she might still want a simple beautiful type of proposal.

If your partner is an extrovert, then she most likely would want a hyped proposal, she most likely would want the day she is been proposed to for marriage to be a special day (maybe like her birthday or more) and would want her partner to treat it is as such.


Now, it is for the man to decide, what kind of partner he has and how would she like to be proposed to.

Also, it is not just about the lady but also about the guy. Some guys are introverted and some her not.  For the introvert, it may not just be in their genes to do a hyped form of proposal, so they simply won’t. If you have that kind of man, simply enjoy the low key kind of proposal and be content with it.

And for the men who are extrovert, they may want to do a hyped kind of proposal even if the lady is an introvert. The thing now is, since the men mostly do the proposals, the man just has to weigh both personalities and follow suit with his decision.

There are also views that it is not about the proposals but the marriage. While that submission is very true, I also feel that just because you are focused on having a beautiful marriage does not mean your journey to it shouldn’t be beautiful. Also, just because the marriage is the most important thing doesn’t mean other aspects of the journey to it aren’t important: from meeting each other to being friends to dating or courting, to deciding to marry (which is the proposal part),and to marriage should all be filled with beautiful and blissful experience.

Again, I would like to say, whether a proposal is hyped or simple, there is nothing absolutely wrong with it. It all depends on you & your partner.

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To a beautiful journey to and through marital life, I wish you all the best.

This is Nifemi, the content in this post are simply my kind of truth, please, feel free to drop your comment about the topic. Would love to read what you think.


Nifemi Adekunle

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