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Principles to Sustain a Loving Relationship

No matter how understanding you might be, everyone experiences challenges in relationships. This is because two different beings are coming together to become one. Even if you have a clear knowledge of the nuances of human behaviour, it might be difficult to handle a loving relationship.

However, understanding these principles is a step forward to sustaining a loving relationship. It will not only help you to maintain such relationship, it will also help you understand the rules guiding the behaviours of human being in a relationship. Here are few of the principles:

#1 Relationship Doesn’t Make You Happy

Really, you need to be happy before you can love someone else. Your inner state has a huge effect on your emotional state. If you are sad inside no matter how loving and awesome your partner is, it’d be difficult to make you happy. So, being happy makes you find happiness in a relationship.

#2 Don’t Fight Your Partner’s Behaviour

You can’t keep struggling with your partner to change his behaviour. For them to truly change, it takes time, usually longer than you think. Well, you can gently point at what they did wrong and explain why you do not like it.

#3 Place Your Attention on What You Want to See Grow

You need to focus your attention on your relationship if you wish to see it grow. It is extremely easy to be negative about a situation and more challenging to trust the process, but you must try to nurture it positively to grow well.

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#4 Forget Your Past

Your past could ruin your perfect and loving relationship if you refuse to get over them. Also, don’t use your partner’s past to ruin the current relationship. It’s best you cultivate a scene of vulnerability, openness and support. Let go of the past and learn to celebrate change.

#5 Give What You Want to Receive

If you want to be loved, be more loving. If you want to be understood, be understanding. So, you must be ready to give as well as open to receive. However, you need to learn to give without expecting anything in return.


No one is perfect. No one is permanent. The one you have fantasised about might not be your future partner. So, you need to patiently understand your partner to have a lasting and loving relationship.

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