When I smear my makeup on my dress, it frustrates me a lot; the outrageous part is when I try to hug a friend and I stain that person’s clothes too. After a while, I felt I really couldn’t continue to let makeup stains affect my clothing especially when I’m wearing a white dress and I try to clean the stain with tissue; it only becomes messy.

So, I decided to research as well as learn some tips that can help prevent one from staining one’s clothing with makeup products. Since some ladies probably go through similar inconvenience; I have decided to share. Here are a few tips on how to prevent make up stains on your clothes:

Start with your makeup, apply your makeup without dressing up first; you can wrap your towel around your body or remain in your pajamas while you do your makeup; when you are done applying the make-up, wear your clothes carefully.

To avoid staining your clothes, consider using a scarf around your face after applying your makeup. Try to tie it loose so that you can breathe while you wear your clothes. If it’s a shirt, just loosen all the buttons and wear it, but if it is a dress, you can consider wearing it from beneath like you would a jumpsuit.

Also, after applying your cosmetics, you should clean your hands with facial wipes or wash it so that residual makeup won’t stain your clothes.

To prevent your makeup from staining people’s clothes, every time you hug them or place your head on their shoulders, you can apply a standard ‘Primer’ product on your face; this will make the makeup stick and not stain other people’s clothes.

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If you smear your dress, use facial wipes or baby wipes. It actually works because these materials are designed to help remove oil or grease. Also, avoid applying many flashy colours; this will reduce stains, at least, the damage done won’t be that much.

These are the few tips that can help prevent makeup stains on your clothes. I hope you found them helpful?


Simbiat Bakare

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