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Pregnant and Working?

Pregnant and working
Pregnant and working

The world has changed and our economy has not been left behind. It was in the olden days that people believed that once a woman is pregnant, she should be pampered, well-rested and eat good food. Now, she’s expected to produce the same results she gave when she wasn’t pregnant. She is sometimes termed ‘LAZY’ when the physiological changes in her body can’t make her meet up to the demands of her job. I think we just generally tend to forget that pregnancy itself is a FULL-TIME job.

Here are some tips to help cope while juggling work and pregnancy

  • Rest and focus on the baby:

Reduce stressful activities, listen to your body, if you are exhausted go to bed early, get sick-leave from work when the need arises. Work will go on whether you are there or not.

  • Eat well:

Eat a balanced diet, eat foods rich in iron and protein. Nuts, seeds, fresh turkey and chicken, fish and eggs; all these contain melatonin and serotonin which help you sleep well and boost your feeling of well-being. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day (1.5litres). Avoid nausea triggers (this depends on the peculiarity of each woman).

  • Take exercises:

Take as many exercises as you can cope with. Please don’t overdo it; you’re not in competition with anyone.

  • Talk to your partner:

Communicate with your partner about how you feel. A problem shared is half solved; please don’t bottle up your emotions. It’s been scientifically proven that a pregnant woman passes her emotional feelings per time to her unborn child. Therefore, when you are upset, try to let it out in a calm way or find someone to share with so that you don’t transfer that negative emotion to your baby

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  • Attend ante-natal classes:

Ensure you attend the lectures given in your registered hospital for expectant mothers. Do not trivialize those lectures even if you have had a baby before. It gives you an idea of what to expect and provides an avenue whereby you can ask questions and have them answered. It also provides an opportunity to share ideas with other similarly pregnant women.

  • Prepare for the delivery:

If you plan on having a vaginal delivery, prepare for your baby’s delivery. Ask your doctor questions, watch videos, read pregnancy books and prepare mentally for delivery but ensure you have a positive expectation. The state of your mind largely impacts your experience in the delivery room. The same applies to a caesarean section. Ask all the questions you have from the right sources. If possible, meet women who had their babies through a caesarean section to have an understanding of what to expect. It helps to allay your fears when the time truly comes.

  • Prepare for family life:

When children come into the family, everything changes. Therefore, begin to prepare yourself psychologically for the big change coming your way. Child-care is a huge responsibility and a rewarding experience. Stay optimistic and look forward to a rich and impactful experience. It will change you and your spouse positively.

  • Pray:

Finally, pray to God for help because He’s really the One that can strengthen you for the experience. Prayerfully prepare for a safe delivery and richly rewarding parenthood.


Stay blessed, stay strong and have a great week.


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