The job of a banker is an enviable one in this part of the world; some would go to any length to secure a position in the bank. With the passion and  desperation some job seekers put into looking for this type of job, you would wonder if it was the only viable job in the labour market. I guess the take-home pay is very attractive. And then considering the fact that most of our folks desire we have the best life has to offer, this might be a major drive in wanting to work in the banking industry.I personally believe we are influenced by the flashy lifestyle of the bankers around us. They wear the best clothes, drive the best cars, and live in choice apartments; tell me, who does not want to live in a state of luxury?

I have always believed that jobs in the banking sector are risky and highly overrated; there is more to it than meets the eye. It is very easy to conclude bankers are comfortable when you are not one, or close to one. They say: “all that glitters is not gold”, most of their belongings are acquired through loans.


If you ask me, I would gladly tell you that a number of bank officials do not necessarily enjoy what they do because their job is monotonous. You can imagine having to be in charge of millions of naira that do not belong to you; that is some serious temptation if you ask me. Again, as far as I know, every staff is placed on monetary targets; if not met, the staff’s job is as stake. The pros and cons of banking are not as rosy as an outsider thinks.

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Another thing is this: I do not think banking is as attractive as it used to bebecause of the economic meltdown that crumbled many financial institutions all over the world, especially banks. Many have been retrenched; some salaries have been slashed, while some have been demoted.  There is also the issue of fraud, theft, laundering, robbery and a host of others; as long as you remain a staff in any of these banks, you must not be linked to any of these offences. If you are found guilty, you would not only face the consequences as the case may be, you would also forfeit your job. Except you are vindicated, that may be the end of a budding career that has been built with sweat and hard-work.


However, one of the primary reasons for maintaining banking relationships remains excellent customer service. With customers now having more choices than ever before, a positive personal experience or professional touch may be the reason customers choose to stay with a particular bank. In a bid to uphold this status-quo, many bankers have fallen prey in the hands of their numerous customers who use this as a bait to make life difficult for their account officers. With the heat from economic the current crisis, it has gone from bad to worse, and every bank is trying to hold on to the customer base they have built over the years and would stop at nothing to retain them.


The banks are aware of the unpleasant situations some of their employees are exposed to, but in the bid to retain customers with fat bank accounts, they disregard their staff’s plight.  This singular act of negligence has caused more harm than good to the affected staff and their respective families. Some have had to do the unimaginable because their job is tied to the success of this particular task. A lot of homes have been broken on this premise, since they have to do everything within their reach to manage the account under their watch. Some people’s reputations are at stake, once they hear they are account officers, they begin to question their standards.

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The female employees are the worst hit here, and they are at the receiving end. They battle with sexual harassments every other day; some of them have lost both their dignity and self-esteem just to satisfy customers. However, I must commend the efforts of those who have stuck to their guns; and have fought tooth and nail to protect their values. For as long as this situation continues, many bank officers would remain at the mercy of their customers, and this is rather disheartening. Cases like this make me ask if we still have labour laws in this country; at least, there should be a body that is passionate about the well-being of its citizens.

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