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Personal Grooming for Ladies

When you think about a lady what comes to mind? Prim and proper captures it all; a typical Victorian or old style woman – she speaks Queens English, sits with her back straight up; legs crossed, she is the quintessence of decorum. I believe it is not old fashioned for ladies to be well groomed (not brides!); as a lady, there are certain things we need to pay attention to; these are subtle things that make us attractive to our menfolk. Every lady should observe personal hygiene and some basic etiquette that particularly make us all the more appealing.

We shall consider some of them.


As a lady, when you sit, keep your laps together especially if you are in skirt or gown. It is inappropriate for you to sit in such a way as to make is easy for someone to see your laps or even spot your pantie. Some ladies get carried away when they sit, they sit anyhow and sometimes reveal their underwear. In wearing short skirts or gowns, try as much as possible to make sure that the length of the cloth is not above the knee; when you sit, the cloth would become even shorter.

When you sit, keep your feet crossed at the ankle. Avoid slouching on the chair; sit upright with your back straight up or resting on the backrest.

Also, be mindful of where you sit; check whether the seat is clean before sitting. If you are in a queue waiting for a bus – you should be in a queue not hustling for a bus; some men are not cultured they could injure you in the struggle – don’t sit on the culvert by the road or the slab. Most bus stops have benches; use one of those. Or you could exercise your legs by pacing up and down if your legs are beginning to get weary.

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As a lady when you stand, stand upright with your feet together. Avoid bending your legs.


A lady should not be spotted urinating by the roadside; it is uncomely to lift your skirt or start unbuttoning your trousers in public – they would probably mistake the person for a lunatic. Before leaving your house or your last destination, try to empty your bladder. If travelling by road on a long distance and nature calls, find a place away from public glare.

Hygiene and Dressing

Keep your underwears clean. Pre-soak them with some disinfectant and wash them regularly spreading them where sunlight rays can reach them. This is to help kill microorganisms that may be present on them.

You should not wear a bra for more than two days while your pant should not go for more than twenty-four hours.

A lady should have not less than ten regular pants. You should have a set of pants separate for your period; you should not be wearing the same pants that you use for your period. These are simple ways to maintain hygiene.

It is better to use small, tight-fitting pants for your period if you are using pads. The pants help to keep the sanitary pads in place and prevent your outer garments from getting stained.

During your period, endeavor to take your bath at least two times; this helps to keep you clean and fresh. Also, remember to change your sanitary pads at least two times; this also helps you to feel fresh under. Some even have to change many more times than that because of heavy flow.

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Shave your armpits and pubic hairs regularly and use deodorant. You don’t have to break the bank before you can get good deodorants or perfumes; there are nice and affordable ones that you can find at stores.

Brush your teeth at least two times daily. Even if you did not grow up with this habit, it is something you can easily cultivate. Mouth odours could be very embarrassing; as a lady, you should not be guilty of this.


Dress well; look good at the level of your finances. Again, looking good does not have to be expensive; you only need to find out places where you can get nice stuff.

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