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Why People don’t Fulfill their Assignment


Many people find it so hard to focus on what they’ve been called to do. Sometimes it’s not their fault because there are legitimate distractions that calls for attention.

They get distracted and then chase unimportant things.

Imagine a man who has two months to live before he dies. Such a man will be deliberate of what he does. He will prioritize his activities.

Certain things will no longer have meaning to him. The only thing he will want to do is fulfill his assignment and put his house in other.

But what do we see today, some men are no longer concerned with what they have been called to do. They are whiling away time and are not disturbed about it.


An assignment is a call attached to fulfilling a purpose. And without knowing your assignment you cannot fulfill your purpose.

Please note that God has given us purpose on earth, but as individuals our assignments are different. Your purpose is an assignment you must seek whole heartedly.

And you need to understand that even in finding your purpose and fulfilling it there are challenges you must overcome.

Every task is as unique as its specific opportunity.

God has designed something unique for everyone. And until you find that unique thing you are designed to do, then you can’tfulfil purpose.

There are so many reasons people never get to carry out their assignment:

  1. The fear of people.
  2. Selfishness
  3. Negative thoughts .
  4. What they put at the centre of their attention.
  5. What they focus on.
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No matter how impossible it may seem, you can discover your place of assignment if you focus on it. And also pray to God to help you.

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