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Overprotectiveness: A Solution or an Aggravation?

Among many fathers in the world, one thing that is particularly common is overprotection. Now, the reason behind overprotectiveness is pretty noble. The world is a pretty dangerous place, and sometimes, the stories you hear horrify you.

From the kidnappings to the rapes and even the gruesome murders of people, it is normal if you want to lock your kid in to protect them from the dangers of the world. However, is that truly the solution?

Truthfully, it accomplishes the task. When you keep your child under your wing for as long as possible, they’ll stay protected. A child who is not allowed to handle knives under any circumstance will not be able to harm himself with knives. Alongside that, a child who is not allowed to go out cannot get killed at another person’s home. Technically speaking, being overprotective does work. It keeps your child alive and gives you rest of mind, but there are also consequences to it.

Disadvantages of Overprotectiveness

Among other things, when you are overprotective of your sons and daughters, the following could be the consequences:

  1. Naivety

If you never allow your child to do anything that might be remotely dangerous, you risk making that child unable to function in the real world. A child who always stays at home, as we established earlier, is safe. Unfortunately, that only satisfies your need for peace of mind. When it comes to being able to handle normal, everyday tasks, the child would be lacking.

If they never go out, they might never learn how to haggle and they are likely to lose a lot of money to overpriced products. If they never get any street wisdom, they are likely to get scammed with the promise of more benefits. Protecting your child too much deprives them of valuable knowledge.

  1. Abuse of freedom

Whether you like it or not, you cannot protect your child forever. Eventually, the secondary school girl/boy who you always kept at home will go to the university. Like most other people, they will want to explore all the things that they never got the chance to explore when they were with you. As such, they are likely to abuse that freedom. Some might go as far as exploring their sexuality to the point of having unprotected sex with anyone who offers it. In the end, you would’ve betrayed the purpose, and you’ll end up with kids who definitely could’ve turned out better.

  1. Depression

Children naturally want to be free to explore. If you always keep them caged, away from their friends and everything life has to offer, you could send them into a state of emotional turmoil, leading to depression.

The Solution

Let your children do a few things themselves every now and then. Eventually, they’ll need to learn how to turn on a stove no matter how scared of a house fire you are. Eventually, they’ll have to mix with the opposite sex. At some point, they’ll need to establish a network of friends. Allow them to do these things. Do not get so liberal that you expose your children to danger. But do not be so hard on them that they become completely oblivious to life itself.

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