Most ladies have had many crushes from teenage years, even up until middle age. Having crushes in themselves may not be a challenge, but the point is how to handle or manage crushes. Having crushes at work could be more challenging because if not well-managed, it could lead to distractions and a reduction in productivity.

Here are a few simple tips to help you overcome work crushes;

Avoid Contact and Relationship. It is better to avoid contact and developing a relationship with your crush. If it is someone that you need to work in close contact with, avoid getting on a personal note with the person. Don’t discuss personal, intimate matters, let all the discussions and relationships be work- related. Becoming personal or intimate will only fuel your infatuation further. 

Avoid Daydreaming and Fantasizing. Daydreaming and fantasizing is a sure way to fuel your infatuation. Instead, concentrate on your job; devote time and attention to your job. Think of ways of improving on the job and how you can be a great asset to the establishment you are working for. 

Talk Him Out of Your Consciousness. Words are more powerful than thoughts. Any time you find your mind wandering to the guy, say positive words to control your emotions and put your feelings under check. If you do this long enough, you will discover that he is out of your mind in no time. Say words like I channel my emotions in the right directions, my affections and feelings are right and under control. 

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Avoid Unnecessary Eye Contact with Your Crush. If you stare into his eyes for too long, you may not be able to resist tearing your glare away from him. You will only continue to build admiration for him, while he may even notice your liking for him. This is not very good for you because he may use that knowledge to your disadvantage if he doesn’t have a similar liking for you.

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