What if depression is a stop sign? What if it is telling you that, you are headed to where you don’t want to go? With the way the world is working, there is something missing. What is it? Last week, we discussed the topic “What You Should Know About Loneliness” and mentioned that, depression is an issue to behold and a sister to loneliness.

Depression affects a lot of people. For example, when someone asks you, “how are you?” You might say “I am depressed today but I think I should be fine by tomorrow.” Most of us use the word without actually understanding its meaning and honestly, depression is considered a mood disorder.

Sometimes, you feel energetic and you just can’t explain why. Then, you conclude that, it is a good day. When you get depressed, you may feel tired and may not enjoy the things you used to enjoy. Depression is one of the coming illness. It is very expensive because it involves so many things.

It is one of the least understood because when people think of mental illness, they think of depression, scary people and hearing of voices. That is not the case because, these are average people who go to work and have a family; people you can relate to, your neighbours, friends, boss, children and even you. You won’t realise this because, you are like a function.

You need to note that, we’ve all got something to deal with at some point in our lives. Well, I don’t choose to be sad; it is something that just happened. When you think of it as a medical illness, then, you’d be able to call out for help.

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We all have this potential to truly be happy. Depression tries to steal your joy away. But, you can see it as a way of making the “you” fabulous- a key to happiness.

What should you do if you are having the feelings of depression?

If you have depression or any kind of mental health condition, it is not something to ignore. Yes, it is real but you need to know that, there is a light at the end of a tunnel. It is just a part of the process of becoming a stronger version of yourself

Also, line up those problems and confront them. Face it! Fight it! Don’t let them bring you down. See it as a night time because, night time becomes day time again. The challenges should elevate you. Life is not always rosy, what you face today makes you stronger day by day.

In addition, exercise serves as a therapy. So, get off that bed and move your body. When you physically move yourself, it changes your brain. While exercising, you can communicate with nature. It may seem absurd but, it works.

It will pass and something better will take its place. All you really need to know is that, you need to survive and overcome it. Get out of your comfort zone. Go out and breathe. You don’t have to run, just walk with your friend and create a beautiful momentum in your life.

The reason anyone is depressed always comes down to the consistency of what they think and the consistent lives they hold. The point here is that, anyone who is depressed has lost something outside of their control. You’re taught how to get job and how to do basic things but you’re not taught how to live in happiness and how important your happiness is.

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What you need to get out of today’s topic

Do something about it. It is absolutely very treatable. What you are thinking may not be reality. If you are feeling helpless and hopeless, that is depression; don’t listen to it.

If it tells you that, your life is not worth living, you are a nobody, the world is a better place without you, nobody needs you, please dear, do not buy in to those voices in your heart.

When you feel depressed and pessimistic, know that you are not alone and you are not isolated. So, this will lead us to discussing another topic on “Isolation.” Really, with isolation, you can think of suicide. For supporters, do not give up. I’d see you next week, bye!

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