Alarm ringing… I stretched my hand, turned it off then turned to the other side to cover my head with my blanket. I was so exhausted with everything; work, life and my relationship. Oh! That reminds me, the blind date I’m having later today.

Let me give a little introduction of myself, my name is Darasimi, a 26 years old working class girl, dark in complexion, hour glass shape (you know what am talking about),average height, radiant smile that pulls the crowd(wink). I have practically everything a girl of my age should have, but something is missing, hmmm…. a man I can call my own, I am not just lucky when it comes to having a great relationship with the opposite sex. My mum keeps on reminding me of how time is flying, how the wedding gown of her friend’s daughter was bought in Paris, how her friend’s daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, and so on. She made life practically unbearable for me; I started thinking of how to get myself out of the house so as to relieve myself of the complaints.
Yemisi, my friend turned sister; I share my thoughts with her and she does the same. She does everything within her power to get me hooked up, but all to no avail. Yemisi always stands with me no matter the situation; she never stopped trying to get me hooked up with a guy. All the blind dates I have ever had should be credited to Yemisi. She can match make for Africa….

Looking at the time, I rushed out of the bed, so as to get prepared for work. After 40mins, I was already at the car park trying to get my stuffs into the car. Before I forget, I live with my parents Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi and my two younger ones, Adeola and Dotun. We are an average family, my father is a disciplinarian, he will not accept laziness as a style for his children, and he rings it to our ears at any given opportunity. That is for my family, now back to the office, I’m the assistant to Mr. Dare Williams, the owner of the multimillion naira entertainment company- Gerry Entertainment Limited. My boss is a simple man, no stress, more fun. 30mins before the closing of work, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, that’s my phone ringing, I picked and the voice came on:Muyiwa : hello, good evening .please am I on to Darasimi?

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Me: yes please, this is Darasimi, and how may I help you?
Muyiwa:  This is Muyiwa, I got your number from Yemisi, your friend
Me: Ohhh ok Muyiwa, she did tell me about you. How are you?

Muyiwa: I am doing well though…. but I know I will be better after our date. He said giggling …Can I come pick you up from your office?
Me: smiling, I said…sure
Muyiwa : Illupeju right? Please send the address and i will be with you in the next 30mins
Me: ok
That was the end of the phone conversation, after I dropped the phone, a chill sensation flowed inside of me. Wow, his voice is so rich, sweet and bold and my thoughts were that he will surely be a handsome dude. Still in my thoughts my phone rang, it was Muyiwa again. I picked and replied “will be with you now”. I rushed to the toilet do a little touch up and added my magic perfume (lol) and off I went. When I got downstairs I saw a man standing beside a white Range Rover car smiling at me. I returned the smile and I said to myself immediately,’ never will I let you go’. I walked up to him and he offered a hug, I fell into the embrace with joy. I didn’t want to leave that moment but I was brought back to reality when he said “let me help you to the car”., I gave a shabby smile and walked to his car, he opened the car door for me and I hopped in, fixed my seat belt And the journey began…

Hmmm, this marks the beginning of my journey, Muyiwa works in an oil and gas company, and as a matter of fact, he heads the accounting department. He is a guy full of life, he smile is such that can melt one’s heart, and his perfume was so captivating (for whatever reason he uses it, it captured my heart). Time to alight; I looked up just to find myself at Sheraton hotel. I smiled within myself, and murmured this guy must be a high taste dude. He led me
inside still wearing that captivating smile; I kept on falling for him on and on. We settled down, ordered for our 3 course meal, ate and talked at the same time. We went more into introductions, likes and dislikes, etc. After the date, he dropped me back at the office so I
could pick my car. Muyiwa told me how pleased he was with the date and how he will like to have more of it, I said “same here”, and he offered his open arms again and I fell in like a baby, never wanting to leave there but my consciousness brought me back this time and that was the end of the first date. I’m sure you will be wondering why I fell in love like that, remember how I wanted to leave the house for my parents? The guy came and I liked him.

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I drove back filled with joy, and immediately I got home, I picked my phone and put a call to Yemisi. With a smiling face I screamed “I love you”, she was confused at first then she replied I love you back then asked me why the joy. I narrated the story to her like a first
grade lover girl. My friend giggled all through, she was so happy I found love finally. Muyiwa’s call came in immediately and i dropped the call with Yemisi. We talked for 30mins and bid each other good night. That was how my day went. This love continued for a while and I kept on falling for Muyiwa at every slight show of love. He knows virtually everything I need and he provides it at the right time, he knew what I liked and what I didn’t. The first 6months of our relationship was great, full of surprises, love, gift and great
intimacy (wink), we then got married, finally I’m off my parents’ story of wedding gown and rest I said with joy. The marriage was so great for a year, but immediately after, issues started showing forth. We tend to argue more than we agree, everything not going right. Oh, I
forgot to mention, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ewatomi.

Muyiwa started showing his real side, all the love was just infatuation, and the biggest shock came on me when I found out he was married to a white woman with 3kids. I was dumbfounded, my whole world came crashing, and I lost it all. What have I done to myself, I wept uncontrollably. He told me that the house and everything belongs to his wife, and the job was also given to him as a result of his wife’s connection. Wow! She is coming back to Nigeria in 3 months time, so I should start looking for where to go. I fainted and woke up again, since there was no one to help me, I called Yemisi and narrated my story to her, she was more shocked and advised me to calm down. I blamed myself over and over again for allowing my parents’ talk push me into getting married to Muyiwa, I became sick internally, I lost everything. I packed my stuffs and went back to my parents’ house with Ewatomi, but my husband didn’t even bother to search for me. “How will I start” I said to myself as I cried into my mother’s shoulder.

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