Olatunde Olabisi Hawwau is a young, dynamic and resonates Nigerian. The flair for creative writing and the zeal for giving back to the society led her to study Mass Communication at the Lagos State Polytechnic where she is currently a student of Higher National Diploma Programme.

Olabisi being a motivational speaker with a great interest in leadership skills is also an agent of positive change who is very passionate about good governance and transparency.

She is a girl child advocate and tailored her strength towards teens mentorship and education.

The aim to empower the new generation birthed Step Up Foundation which was Olabisi’s brainchild through her love for humanitarian services.

An organization that focuses on empowering young women and driving the youths towards personal development and nation building, and most importantly helping the less privileged through empowerment.

She recently launched the #StepUpagainstDrugAbuse campaign that went viral on social media where she educated the youths and society at large on the topic and also created awareness. Olabisi shares her inspiring story with me in this exclusive interview.

Childhood Influence

Growing up was quite tough and rough and my parent especially my mum taught me how to be STRONG in the face of all difficulties. She also taught us to share what we have with the world no matter how so little it may be.

This prepared me to always ensure that I share my little knowledge with the world, My childhood experience helped sharpened my preparedness into doing all that I do to help and contribute to the development of my community and society.

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Even when I never had any idea about what volunteering means but I have learned to always step in for people who are sick and help lessen their problems if not totally solved.

While growing up, my mum would make us share our food with neighbors even when the food is so little, she would encourage us to help with assignments of other children and help the old ones in our area to fetch water, all these we did without expecting anything in return.

So, it became my way of life and got me all along while growing which metamorphosed into becoming a habit to help others even when they do not call for it.

Therefore, I can boldly say that my childhood experiences contributed immensely and actually prepared me for what I am doing right now and have been the drive towards all the idea of a selfless act.



Credit: Guardian.

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