This isn’t a grammar class, so I won’t bore you with definitions of nouns and adjectives. But I assume that you know that adjectives qualify nouns. A noun is also referred to as a naming word; meaning that it gives identification. How does this apply to your life?

What do I mean when I say ‘nouns are cheap?’ Often times in life, you don’t have to struggle to get your nouns. Nouns are ordinary, cheap, and common. For instance, you could be a man, woman, wife, husband, nurse, doctor, pastor, soldier, student or father. Anybody can be any of these!

But to be exceptional, you have to work for the adjectives that qualify your nouns! Which could be good or bad. However, it takes hard work to earn good adjectives. Yes, you’re a lady; there are many ladies. What kind of a lady are you? Decent, intelligent, smart, purposeful, gifted, principled, gentle etc. Or unrefined, lazy, beggarly, dull, hostile, arrogant etc.
Average/ordinary people are satisfied with their nouns but great/extraordinary people are more concerned about their adjectives. It’s not enough to be a student, pastor, doctor, psychologist, wife, husband, writer, actor, teacher, or whatever it is you may be. The point is: what adjectives qualify you?

You may argue that everyone cannot be extraordinary; and I’ll tell you that it’s a matter of choice. I don’t want to be an ordinary noun. I go for adjectives; that’s why I don’t pursue whatever I’m not passionate about. My life is a noun, but I care about the adjectives that qualify it. I want it to be purposeful, passionate, fulfilling, abundant, adventurous, and meaningful!

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Hey! Do you want to be extraordinary? Then be exceptional! This can only happen if you don’t settle for cheap nouns! Be ready to work for your adjectives!  What adjectives do you want to be qualified with?


Olu Mabel

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