I was on my way to work today when I saw people gathered at a spot, the scene soon caused traffic and I wondered what could have been wrong. Still wondering and trying so hard to spy “Aproko”, I saw a beautiful lady sitting on the ground, her dress was torn and she was badly injured. With pity I shook my head and walked away.

The same topic soon brewed in the bus I entered, some said she was pinging on the bike while the motorcyclist was on high speed. People argued that the lady was at fault because she couldn’t caution the motorcyclist when he was on motion, others said she could have done so (who knows) but then the motorcyclist should have realised that his speed was too much. I was deep in thoughts trying to process the arguments in my head; all I heard was ‘come down woman, you never reach?’ In shock I alighted only to discover that I had passed my bus top.

It has almost become a tradition for people to board a bike and use their phone alongside. Some believe that since they are not the ones riding the bike, they are safe, really!! While others have attributed it to multitasking and I ask should this be at the expense of your safety? Often times bike drivers are very reckless and impatient when driving and this has led to series of accidents. When you go to orthopaedic hospitals, you will be shocked to find a good number of bike accident Victims.

Due to the fact that bike drivers are very impatient when driving should automatically make you more alert each time you board a bike.

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There are a lot of dangers associated with pinging on a bike. Pinging when the bike is on motion makes you lose concentration and more engrossed on your phone  and this may likely lead to a thief who has cited you a distance away to snatch your phone when the bike approaches closer to such person.

It makes one distracted  as such that you do not know when the bike driver takes a one way route that could lead to been arrested. Sometime ago, an incident happened while driving on my way back from work,  one of the army men in their patrol car whipped a bike driver and the passenger for taking a one way route. I discovered that the passenger lady was on her phone when the driver took the route. Pinging decreases your attention span such that you are not aware of when the bike guy takes a narrow path or swaving recklessly from one lane to another and that could lead to accidents or death in certain cases.

When pinging on the bike, your phone could slip off and get smashed by a coming vehicle.

To ensure safety, the following tips should be adhered.

Before you get on a bike, make sure you put your phone in your purse, bag or pocket. By doing so it deliberately takes your mind off your phone until you get down from the bike and you are in a more relaxed place to check your messages on your phone.

As much as possible get rid of being tempted to ping while on the bike. It seems difficult right?  But the best way to do this is to tell yourself when boarding a bike “any ping can wait but my safety can’t “.

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Download a danger alert application on your phone, this will help to prevent you from pinging when on a moving bike, this makes you alert and caution the motorcyclist when driving recklessly. Also, you could see a danger ahead of him and direct him on taking another route. By doing so, you are saving yourself as well as the bike driver.

Safety isnt’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. Author Unknown


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