Nigerian actress and ex-beauty queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima, has launched the Miss Earth Nigeria Environment Award (MENEA) a campaign against the use of plastic bottles as the world celebrates the World Environment Day.

She commemorate the world environmental day 2018 with the theme “Beat Plastic Solutions.”

Fiberesima has lent her voice to the celebration by preaching against the continuous use of plastic bottles in Nigeria.

According to her, MENEA is orgainses to honor those who are already environment-friendly and have gone green, to also inspire others to go green because the world is green.

She said; “Environment is number one, going green is talk of the town.”

 “A lot of state have ministry of environment but nothing seems matters to them until something drastic happens they start the running around, but we as an individual needs to care about ourselves. So, we decided to honours those that have starting doing it, so that others can also get involved. There are a lot of recycle firms all around Nigeria today they begging people to bring plastic to them and you get paid, so that can recycle, reprocess to recover value or value.”

She said her team will evaluate the attainment of their nominated canddates to ensure they give awards to those who deserve it.

“We have weigh it properly and endure that we can defend any of our awardees’

“We are taking our time to travel to different states for inspection. You must earn what it’s given to you”.

“We are totally eradicating the use of plastic bottles, instead, have your own reusable water bottle,” Ibinabo said.

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“Stop carrying bags but have your own shopping bags that you can always reuse to the market or shop. I encourage every home or office to separate waste bin from bottling, nylon, paper.

The award ceremony which is slated for October, aims to honours states, corporations and individuals who have excelled and had a sustainable pro-active environment in the field of sustainable banking industries, recycling/upcycling industries, best collaboration for environmental sustainability, renewable energy sector, best state government with sustainable urban renewal projects, best state government with ecological solutions and other environmental activists.

Ibinabo, an actress and former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

Credit: thenation.

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