Beautiful and admirable, Aisha Murphy-Owodeyi is a chef and socialite whose interest in cuisines has brought her excellence and made her top notch. With inspiration from Chef Eros and Chef Fregs, she is becoming a big name in the industry. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, she talks about herself, her career and lots more 

Who is the face behind Cravings by Chef Coco? 

I currently own and run Cravings by Chef Coco. A small business that provides catering services to individuals, events, and companies. 

What sparked your interest in cooking? 

It has always been my hobby since my teenage days and it’s the only house chore I thoroughly enjoyed doing as a teenager. I used to help out anyone that was cooking in my house, and I was always present in the kitchen when there was any cooking being done. Professionally, I’ve been cooking for two years, since 2016; though I only got a culinary education in 2017. 

What kind of meals do you make and what’s special about it? 

I’m trained as a cuisine and patisserie chef, so I could basically do everything that has to do with cooking and baking but my focus is currently on cuisine. My cuisine is a fusion of our African dishes and continental dishes; basically, it’s a mix of both. What makes my meals special, aside the combination of the healthiest ingredients and the healthiest cooking method, is the fact that whatever meals I make is made with love and extra care for the needs of my customer because their happiness is also my happiness. 

What are your challenges so far as a chef? 

My biggest challenge as a chef has to be marketing and trying to get more customers. My business is an online business, getting customers online is a pretty tough one. But that’s why I’m consistent so they do not ever forget that I’m available all the time to cater to their culinary needs. 

Define your kind of woman? 

My kind of woman is strong, determined, ambitious and happy in general. We all want different things from life and I’m striving and struggling to get what I want life to bring forth to me. I guess that’s what makes me different.



Credit: This day.

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