The movie stars and directed by Denzel Washington, who is named Troy Maxson, a black garbage collector in the 1950’s. Bitter that baseball’s color barrier was only after his own prime. Often taking out his frustrations on his loved ones, example was his relationship with his son CoryMaxson (Jovan Adepo), a college Football player who is expected to make it in the Big leagues. Cory usually falls out with his dad, who did not want him to be disappointed by the lure and expected failure of an African-American in the League.

The movie made us to see another part of marriage, which sometimes can be on a rocky part when a marriage mate is looking for other distractions outside their own marriage. This was so in the case of Troy having an extra marital affair, which he later attributed to him ‘being happierand being a different man he has never been before.’ This issue definitely brought out the strain in their marriage. It shows what true love could do by Rose (Viola Davis), sticking with Troy after all his inadequacies. Even to the part of taking care of the new baby.

We also see that part of a brotherly love reflected in the one shown by Troy towards his brother Gabriel “Gabe” (Mykelti Williamson). Gabe was in the army and had fought against the Japanese but had an accident that got him having a metal plate on his head and thus affected him mentally. Even though, he is becoming more and more disturbed, Troy was always looking out for his brother Gabe.

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The movie is for all the family. The dialogues and the revelations speaks to everyone. One thing for sure is that all children seeks their parents’ approval. We all have a past and they often affect our relationship with our family especially when we do not want them to repeat our mistakes. Love and true forgiveness makes us to overlook the error of everyone and the result of other peoples’ error can even help us to find our own happiness.




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