This is a story of a successful New York advertising Executive who suffers the hurt of losing a child.  As a result, he withdrew from people and lost the passion for his job. While in the process, friends and colleagues felt concerned for him, the dwindling fortune of the company and their fight against personal struggles. They try desperately to reconnects with him as he also seeks answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death.


Not to be a spoiler until you watch, hmmmmm! this movie shows us how we can understand three (3) elements, and how they can reveal moments of meaning and beauty. For love, we should know that “we do not get to choose whom we love and who loves us back.” “Love is pain” and “Love is sweet”, “we cannot do without Love”. Time, “is linear” and to some It “is an illusion.” “Time is a gift.” Death, “nothing is really dead if we look at it in a right way.”


Will Smith delivers another emotional performance that reminds us of his role in Pursuit of Happiness, but what is more about his role here, is that it connects with us all. We all have lost someone, how we cope with that loss defines us and it can affect the people around us. With the other A-list actors, we just need to see how well they all deliver on their roles, making the movie one of the best in reminding us how well or worst we can be when a dear one lost someone in death and how it could affect us in different ways.

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Collateral beauty delivers on a well-developed theme, well laid out plot and good dramatization from the actors. Go on; go see the movie called the Collateral beauty. Remember to put by your side a box of Kleenex or handkerchief. That is all I can say for now.




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