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Motunrayo’s Chronicle: On the need for a ‘Foreign Body’.

Why on earth won’t she laugh?

She wasn’t there when you heard the voice asking you to leave your village for the city, she probably thought you were moving out to the family quarters because you wanted privacy and independence. You didn’t take her along when you went for your evening meditations, maybe she saw you as a hardworking man who liked to enjoy the cool of the evening walking in his fields. She knows you could win an award in hospitality, you’re a nice man and yeah…you’ve somehow managed to get the men seated on your patio. She helps to prepare the meal you serve them but how on earth is she supposed to know that they’re angels when she’s never seen one before and you haven’t had the time to tell her?

Tell me!

How on earth won’t she laugh when complete strangers who just had a good meal at her expense promise her something she has longed for, for so many years?

I mean, I’ve heard of Abraham building altars but I haven’t heard him ask Sarah to help gather the stones. He grew his roots deep in a place she had never been. Look, he had such good communion with God he could strike a bargain for his little nephew. She probably knew he heard ‘voices’ sometimes, but even he knew better than to tell her years later that  ‘The Voice’ had asked him to step up his game and replace the usual lamb on the altar with their only son. He couldn’t organize a crash course in ‘Listening and Obedience’ for his lifelong friend that would help her understand the depth of the relationship he had with his Creator-Friend.

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He had grown differently in his communion times, in his evening meditations, and in his conversations with ‘The Voice’ and angels…he had grown apart from her in the process.

He gets in from evening meditation and she’s ranting about the maid’s latest arrogance. He’s been with ‘The Voice’ and heard about the many nations he’ll be father to, he walks in thinking ‘ great conversation today’, while Sarah stamps her feet on the sand and swears at Hagar by the stars, he thinks to himself how the number of his children will be likened to the things she treats with such ignorance.

That’s Abraham and Sarah…she probably won’t answer when you call her by the new name, she’s heard ‘Sarai’ for too long…

Fast forward several generations after…

She’s a really beautiful woman and I bet a very smart one too. She definitely has a way with people, that’s why they feel so drawn to her they can tell her ‘stuff’. Why do you think the farmhands can tell her things they’ll never tell their ‘Master’? They trusted her to handle both home affairs and business matters better so each time the fool they had for a ‘Master’ gets himself into shit deep enough to kill himself, they run to ‘My Lady’ for the usual ‘fix’.

She is that kind of person you don’t want to meet just once, she speaks and you just can’t forget the conversation. Why do you think the General listened to her and turned back from his 007 mission? It definitely wasn’t the snacks he had with her!

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Even in your anger, General, you don’t ride past a beautiful woman without saying ‘hi’. You just forget all your ‘vexing’ when she opens her mouth and her words are full of wisdom, tact and grace.

True, the General had battle formation plans to review, but I have the feeling he couldn’t get the thoughts of her out of his mind for a long time. So, once he heard that the ‘fool’ she had for a husband was dead, he wasted no time in getting her for himself. He’d had his first wife foisted on him and then snatched away so no one could stop him from getting this one. They know he’ll need a good queen when he gets to the throne, plus, she’s the perfect woman for a king! Palace affairs won’t suffer if she could organize such a banquet within such short notice, and court matters will be fewer burdens to him when he has to leave town. He could bet she’ll handle those stubborn platoon commanders of his well too.

So…he gets her, they have a good honeymoon in the jungle (methinks ‘jungle’ sounds more romantic than ‘wilderness’…hehe…). It is the perfect match…until…David takes on a new wife!

I mean, granted, Nabal was a fool, yeah… but even he had enough sense to know that he didn’t need a second wife after a woman as good as Abigail…

Somehow, with these two ‘great guys’, I get a clue – staying together and not growing apart takes a lot more than good intentions, I think you need some ‘foreign body’, a ‘third factor’, like, you know, you would need glue/gum to keep two objects stuck together.

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Lemme see if I can make it simpler…I’m sure the ladies will understand this better…

You see, I like to style my hair, and when I do, I either make twists or weaves. Now, when you want to make twists, you take a section of your hair, part it in two and twist the two parts around each other. Usually, it comes out really nice…except, after a while, the two parts start to get disentangled and come apart quite easily when you run your fingers between them.

On the other hand, when you make a weave, you part that same section in three parts A, B and C, and you tactfully twist A & B, B & C and A & C…. It is a grand process…these three parts, they stay together till you decide to take them apart…and while they’re together, the outcome stays firm and beautiful.

I have found that the best friendships are those where both parties are wound round some higher factor. My best relationships are with friends who revere the same God and share the same values as I do. I’ve found that values in all human lives are woven around a power higher than us. We fall apart when we try to wrap everything around ourselves or fleeting things in life.

You may not get the point, even I am not sure I have it completely figured out…I don’t worry about it though…disjoint thoughts about Abraham/Sarah, David/Abigail, glue and hair styles…just musings…just Motunrayo thinking…

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