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Mind of a Woman: Who is my Child?

13 things single moms must understand before remarrying
13 things single moms must understand before remarrying

Do you really know that young adult you mothered?

The Parent, especially the mother is assumed to be the closest to the child (in his early years); because you live together, eat together, sleep under the same roof is not enough to claim knowledge of him/her

Do you feed your child with what they like or what you think they need?

Do you free them to express themselves freely or confine them to what will bring honour to you in your own circle?

How often do you take time to discuss SEX or better still, Premarital sex, its advantages and disadvantages with them?

Or, you think it’s too sacred to be talked about?

Come on, move closer to this friend-for-life of yours before someone else would show understanding and usurp you! Regard him/her as an independent person who needs guidance (not moulding) with understanding from you. Stop seeing him as an extension of that foetus that used to depend on you for everything! No, do a good job at recollecting YOU as a Teenager or Young Adult. What you got from the adults around you then that is paying off for you now, give to him/her. What you shouldn’t have been given but was forced down your throat, do not offer him/her, and watch them grow to make you proud.

…to be continued.

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