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People keep asking me why they should have a financial coach hence I decided to turn it into a blog post. why should I get a financial coach?

There are people who can get things done on their own, and there are some that need to be accountable to someone. Some people need that extra push from someone. Accountability and collaboration can make a big difference in one’s productivity.

These days we have various kinds of coaches; fitness coach, personal trainer, life coach, business coach, health coach, food coach, etiquette coach, social media coach, Instagram coach, sales coach, brand coach and now financial coach.

People have various struggles and a good number of people struggle with money. Many think they need to earn more while in reality they actually need to properly assign their money. They just never seem to have enough money, they are ever borrowing and living in a negative cash-flow.  While ultimately, we want to earn more so as to improve our standard of living, but we must must first learn how to manage and be contented with what we currently have; however, there are Subsequent classes that focuses on growing your income and building wealth. Feel free to contact us.

Financial coaches fill an important role in one’s life for the following reasons;

  1.  A financial coach will help you to stop procrastinating and offer you the needed push to get you going by showing you step by step guide on how to achieve your financial goals.
  2. A financial coach is interested in the general health of your finances. A financial coach works with you to access your current financial health, reviews your financial goals, assigns tasks to you, helps you in creating a budget, helps you to deal with your bad financial habit, works with you to get out of debt and works out various additional income approach.
  3. A financial coach will look at your financial goals and give you options and strategies to match it.
  4. A financial coach will help you to review your investment portfolio and ensure you have a healthy portfolio and are making the right investment decisions.
  5. A financial coach will follow up with you on a regular basis to make sure you’re moving forward and following through your plan.
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On the personal side, I am at my best when I’m encouraging others to be their best.  I have been blessed with a wide array of professional experiences and qualifications. I started my coaching classes to mostly teach women on how to win with money and also to merge two of my greatest strengths, my financial strength and my ability to encourage others.


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