You can significantly decrease or even get rid of your back pain. Here are a few remedies you can use:

  1. Try a Better Chair

Sitting on a chair long hours may also be the main reason why you suffer from back pain. Your pain won’t vanish unless you change your chair. Of course it is great if you can move around the office and take breaks. Do not stay motionless your whole work day. Let you spine and other body parts move regardless the nature of your job.

  1. Try a Massage

Your back pain will not feel as bad if you make back massages your regular practice and habit. Ask for a professional assistance and see how you feel after the procedure. Once you know how it is performed, you’ll be able to show your family members how it is done and ask them to help you.

  1. Change Your Pillow

Decrease your back pain by changing your pillow. The quality of your pillow as well as its shape and size has an impact on your health. The amount of time we spend in bed is impressive – it makes up almost a third of our entire life. No wonder you feel pain in your back if you do not have a good pillow to sleep on.

  1. Various Yoga Poses

Yoga includes many different aspects. It is relaxing as well as healing. Use yoga poses to treat yourself and improve your health. Some of the most commonly practiced yoga poses that people suffering from back pain do are two-knee twist and snake pose. They do not consume too much time and you can perform them at home as well as office.

  1. Using Orthotic Shoe Insoles
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How you walk or stand may have an impact on your back. If there are mechanical errors, you are certain to suffer from pain. See a specialist and find out whether you need to use orthotic shoe insoles. If so, get a pair of these and you will instantly feel the difference. All the discomfort in your lower back will be gone.

  1. Stronger Core Muscles

The stronger your core muscles are, the healthier your whole body is. This is how you can see how fit you are. It’s not about being handsome or beautiful and your 6-pack can help you both look good and feel good. Try various exercises and increase your flexibility, strength and durability.

  1. Lots of Movement Throughout the Day

Do you feel that your back pain restricts you? The discomfort can be minimized in more than one way. And one of the most effective secrets is plenty of movement throughout the day. Sedentary lifestyle is the worst things to do. Stay active and move before, after and even during your working hours as well as at home.

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