Many brave women were instrumental in the recent failed coup in Turkey. Thousands of accolades have been showered on these women on social media with the hashtag; #Kadinkahramanlar.

This is an account of how three housewives: Serife Boz, Turkmen Tekin and Safiye Bayat got involved in an extraordinary night, as Turkey fought an attempted coup.

Serife Boz ferried truckload of people to fight the attempted coup. She was one of those called #Kadinkahramanlar; #WomenHeroes on twitter. This trended for days.

“We went out in order to stop the coup, Boz says. We did it for our country, our nation, our land. We did it for our children.”

Safiye Bayat has strangers visiting her in the hospital. She became famous after facing down tanks on the Bosphorus Bridge. “My husband called me and said: “it’s dangerous, please go back home,” Bayat recounts. I said; “I am going anyway.” For the first time ever, I disobeyed my husband.

Turkmen Tekin and her husband also went out that night, but she didn’t survive to share her story.

Her husband shares their ordeal; “I looked to my left and saw a tank approaching fast. I tried to grab my wife and pull her out of the way, but before I could, she was run down by the tank.

Serife Boz reiterates: “I was very scared… But if it happened again, I would do the same. We are prepared for anything. I am very proud of myself and my brothers and sisters who stood with me.

“My wife was a proud woman, a strong woman. She was a very good woman,” late Tekin’s husband revealed. I am so happy to have had such a wife. I am thankful she took out onto the street,” he added.

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“We showed the coup plotters how resilient women are. We are here… Where are they? Turkish women should be proud of themselves…,” Boz further disclosed.

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