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Maximising your Time

Most of us lead pretty busy lives. Between businesses, careers, cooking, cleaning, kids, taking care of aging parents, volunteer efforts, fixing things that have broken, grocery shopping, errands, commuting time, and more…we invest lots of time handling our daily to-dos.

Most of these things need to be done. That being said, it’s often necessary to reevaluate exactly where your time is being invested, and whether it is being dispensed the way you wish.

I’ve learned throughout the years that time is so precious. I’m not just saying that. I make sure I live that philosophy every single day.

The time that I hold so dear to my heart, is the time I invest in the people I love and care about most in my life.

I look for ways to streamline the other things in my life so I have as much time as possible for the people I love.

I may cook a meal and double up on it, so my weekly cooking time is cut in half. I may call somebody to fix something that I could fix myself, especially if I know it’s going to take me hours to fix it.

I consolidate my errands and try to get them all done in an efficient manner, without the need to backtrack. I make checklists so I don’t forget what I have to get done, or what I have to bring, or questions I have to ask…doing so prevents extra work and extra effort and extra time.

Because of these organising efforts, I’m able to go on a weekend trip with my family without having to worry about tons of work when I return. Because of these organising efforts, I can write an email to a good friend weekly, even daily… just to keep in touch and to show how much I care.

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As result of these organising efforts, I’m able to stop everything I’m doing for a lengthy hugging session with my daughter, or a relaxed phone call with my mom or dad, or coffee out with a friend.

What it all comes down to is this. While it is considered organising when you’re prioritising, putting away your shoes, checking off items on your TO DO list, and eliminating clutter, to me, organising is about getting things done…to give you more time for those special people.

In other words, organising is about a whole lot more.

The memories you’ll cherish most in your life won’t be about the cleaning, or cooking, or errands. Those will be forgotten pretty quickly after they’re done.

But the memories you generate with the people you care about most will last and last and last…forever.


Maria Gracia

Used with permission.



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