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Maximising Singlehood

People tend to turn up their noses at ladies who, by 30, are still single. You see the parents, friends and family members start to put subtle pressure on the person, some are even tactless about it. While it is good to get married and to do so early, it is important that every woman enjoys her pre-marriage years. Though the temptation to feel despondent may come, quickly brush it aside because being single makes you no less special. These thoughts will help you see that you can enjoy and maximise your life as a single and savvy woman.


Single and Complete

As a single person, you are complete. While having a spouse is great, you do not need a partner to complete you. You need to create a fulfilling and enriching life for yourself; such that by the time you and your partner come together, you have two enriched lives coming together and you can synergise to achieve more.

Add value to your person; develop yourself spiritually, get closer to God. Develop yourself mentally and intellectually; be the best in your academics, rise in your career, write your professional exams, start that business you have always dreamed of or expand it if you have already started. With or without a spouse, bring value to your table. Beautify your garden, be that woman that when your beauty attracts him, the value in you makes him stay. Contents and container must be at par with excellence.


Prayer Time

Singlehood is a time to sow seeds of prayer into your future. Settle your career, business and endeavours in the place of prayer, pray for your husband even if you have not met him; pray that God would give him wisdom to be your husband, wisdom to be the father of your children, wisdom to lead the home; pray that God will cause him to prosper in his career, business or endeavours. Pray for your unborn children that God would order their steps in life, pray that they would prosper in life and never hook up with the wrong company. Really, the list is endless.

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Be Enlightened

Apart from being a pro in your field, it is good that you also know a little about other areas too; this helps you to be a well-rounded person. We are in an information age, do not let that saying that if you want to hide something from an African put it in a book be true concerning you. Read good books on different areas of life. Be information- savvy, be apt to google things, find out and research. This helps you to be intelligent.


In all, take time to enjoy being with you; place premium value on your worth. Develop yourself into the sort of priceless jewel any man would be proud to call WIFE.

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