People don’t care how much you know; they don’t care how rich you are. They just need to know how much you care.

Caring about others is what manners is all about. Think about that.

It will improve your relationships with people immeasurably when you show them that you care about them!

Manners and Etiquette are what distinguish us from the apes (and a good many of our fellow human beings too).

There are no hard and fast rules or laws on the subject of etiquette. In a nutshell, having good manners is showing courtesy and consideration for other people at all times in all circumstances, putting yourself in their shoes and thereby not being offensive, rude or disrespectful.

Manners have evolved from customs, protocols and conventions. This process is common to all countries and cultures and has developed over the ages to ensure a harmonious society. They are even enshrined in the Ten Commandments!

These rules differ between countries and cultures but nevertheless are there to ensure a peaceful coexistence between people thus creating a society that respects the rights of others. This is the foundation of order and trust as opposed to chaos and crime.

Don’t point – it’s rude

Don’t smoke or eat in the street – it looks ‘common’

Don’t talk with your mouth full – disgusting, you may spit some of it out!

Don’t shout – Keep your voice down

Don’t be late– it’s shows inconsideration

Don’t interrupt – it’s selfish and ill-mannered

Don’t swear – it impresses nobody (it’s the language of low lives and those with a limited vocabulary)

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Open doors for the elderly and for women

Hold doors open for whoever is following you in (or out)- don’t let it slam in their face
Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

Don’t gang up on anybody anywhere

Don’t talk behind other’s backs

Turn away from people, food and the phone when you cough or sneeze

Show respect for those older and wiser than yourself

Without respect and consideration for others, we are nothing but savages.


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