There has to be a fundamental reason why you have decided not to stay in bed and sleep your life away.  The reason why you leave the comfort of your bed each morning is to fortify yourself against poverty; you know if you don’t work things may get pretty difficult.


The average age for starting work and earning a real salary is probably between 25 and 30 years for a woman. From that income, you may have to fend for yourself. Even after getting married you may still be saddled with the responsibility of taking care of your family members, if they are not financially buoyant. Definitely you are thinking of getting your own car. Probably a portion is also going towards preparation for one professional exam or the other. Out of your income, you must also look good. However, there is more to it; your salary, income or profit must work for you in more ways than just paying bills.


Your goal should be to be financially independent. Financial independence is important if you are to earn the respect of your significant other. Avoid going on a spending spree. Ensure you save a portion of your salary every month. After you have a full year salary saved, you can cautiously do what you want, but with a financial plan in place.


The financial plan is your budget, stick to it. You should avoid spending on extremities and social events. Don’t let society or owanbes pressure you into spending above your income. Create your own style, you don’t have to be a fashion icon or try to meet up with the latest trends.

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Avoid those consumer loans with high interest rates unless they are absolutely necessary. “Absolutely necessary” means it must be something very important. The money disbursed is sweet but the interest you get to pay is excessive.


Invest. Look for financial instruments or some other business as alternative sources of income, no matter how small it is. It could be rent; it could be a vehicle you have decided to use for transportation. You could be a distributor of some of the latest products in town. It’s tough but there are so many things out there. You must have another source of income; find out what that can be. That additional income is probably what will support you when you retire.


Imagine yourself living to 80. What will you live on? Each financial decision should be based on that question.

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