Building from the part one published earlier, we discussed God’s image as one of God’s gifts in maximizing your singlehood. In this edition, we’ll be looking at more of them.

  1. The gift of reveling in His presence

Another thing you need as one of your firsts in your current status is the presence of God and NOT that of a man

As a single, in whose presence do you revel? In whose presence do you glory? In whose presence do you seek solace? If the answer to that question is not God, then you are not maximizing that gift which is His Presence.

This is in no way, saying you should disregard good association…so long as such does not take away from His presence. In other words, the first presence you should naturally find yourself in your deepest moments of joy or pain IS that of God. Trust me, this takes time and effort to cultivate, and what better time than now?

This is the time to get to know God via His word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks, only that most us don’t hear because we are always ‘busy’. The point here is, if you are busy now you will be busier in marriage.

It’s a plus, a big one! if your husband finds you in His presence. He’ll know then that he’s got an asset-no storm will break you; with you in his life, he’ll never be stranded because you are bringing that presence with you into the marriage. Or you have no idea the woman runs the home? Think on it.

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I am not saying cultivating this is an impossible feat in marriage. All I’m asking is, why wait till marriage when you have all the time you need.


  1. His mode of operation

“And God said, let there be light; and there was light.” Gen.1:3.

God operates by speaking. As you know, He spoke this world into being. Yes, He has also given you that gift to speak and have it happen. In fact, some women I know spoke their husbands, marriages into being. This is no exaggeration; I could mention names. Does the Bible not tell us in prov.18: 21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue and that they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof?

No, really, what we say about ourselves and circumstances determines to a large extent our thought processes, and when you have a positive thought process, no one can ever make you appear lesser than you are.

Bishop David Oyedepo would say, in the spiritual that everything hears, everything living and non-living. Learn to first operate with your tongue and then back up with actions. Speak things that are not into being.

It is necessary, therefore, to master the art of this gift in order to better yourself before you think of trying to better a life you share with someone. The truth is, if you have not mastered the art in your singlehood, you may have to do more work in your marriage.

This write up is about what you do with what God has given you, while in waiting.

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