Trust me-if you are still single at…, then you are lucky! This may read contrary to societal dictates and expectations, but then again, who cares? I mean, if you are surrounded with people getting married at 21, just thank God for their lives and move on with yours.

As a single, God has deposited certain gifts in you that, if well harnessed, would make you the hottest wife. This leads to my question: How well have you been able to fine-tune these gifts? In other words, how effective have you been as a single?

Let’s first draw the line between your being single and your unmarried state. The ‘single’ referred to here is the unmarried-kind-of-single. As a single (entity), you are expected to remain so-even in marriage. Especially in marriage. That is talk for another day.

Where were we again? Yes, we were starting to talk about how to be the best you can in your current status. And we are going to be viewing this via some of these God-given gifts.


  1. The Gift of God’s Image

You were created in God’s image-a privilege, if you ask me, and so you need to tap into the beauty of that image. This is to say that the first thing you need is NOT to find somebody else, but to FIND YOURSELF. Who are you? What is your worth as one created in God’s image? If you don’t know who you are or you have a poor sense of self-worth, it means you are yet to tap into the beauty of that image, and will probably be a liability to the man you will marry. Ok, let me explain. Not knowing who you are means, of course, you have no identity, and if you get married in that state, you will have a situation on your hands as you will spend the rest of your life trying to be someone. This is basically because marriages come with distractions-distractions that will not avail you the privacy and time needed, and when you get to this point, you’ll find yourself desperately latching on to the identity of your husband(meaning again, you don’t exist without him). Now tell me, what happens to you when that identity cracks up? Let’s even go deeper: what happens if your husband from the onset, had no identity either? Crisis. Marriages fail for many reasons and this is one of them. You need to be secure and complete within you before getting married.

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Let me tidy up by quoting this great man of blessed memory: “If you know who you are- if you have a good self-image-you will not need anyone in order to be SOMEONE.”

Myles Munroe.


To be continued.

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