How time flies is a common cliché we hear often. Time is indeed waiting for no one and it is no respecter of person; before you know it someone who was 5 years old becomes 50 years old. In life, what we do with time, i.e. the value we have put into time is what gives us fulfilment. Therefore, we need to endeavour to make something meaningful of life.

Dare to dream

A life without dream or vision is a purposeless life. It is similar to wandering aimlessly about without a particular destination in mind. Have a dream that you are living for; there must be something you are passionate about; there must be a vision that wakes you up from the bed every morning. God has not created anybody without a vision; discover it, love it and desire to fulfill it because that is what would give you fulfilment in life. Don’t be afraid to have big visions in life, God who put the vision in your heart will empower you to fulfil it.

Pursue your dream

The evidence of desire is pursuit. If you are passionate about your dreams, you would go after them; you would take steps or actions towards fulfilling them. Don’t let your dreams die; take positive steps towards realising them. For example, if you have always desired to be an entrepreneur or own your own business, learn things about business; learn how to develop a business plan; enrol in business school and learn other entrepreneurship skills. You can’t be over-prepared.

Have goals

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Having goals helps you keep track of your progress. Also, when you have personal goals and targets, it helps you to do more and stretch yourself beyond, your comfort zone. Having goals also helps us to be diligent when you have goals and targets, it helps to keep you on your toes.

Be diligent

Really, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Sometimes in fulfilling our dreams, we need to work hard and exert ourselves.

Go forward

At every moment you must be making progress; don’t ever be caught being stagnant. Forget the past don’t dwell on it, don’t allow it to drag you down. Forget about past disappointments, failures and mistakes; learn whatever lessons you can from them and move on. Your life should always be on an upward progression not the contrary. Forgive people who have hurt you, wronged you or let you down in the past or currently; forgive yourself also and go forward, don’t allow anything to hinder your progress. For example, if a man jilted you, learn from the experience and move on; heal up if you are hurting and embrace new opportunities coming your way; there is a better guy waiting ahead, go forward and meet up with him.

Be a blessing

Reach out and be a blessing to others. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much value we have in us; we underestimate the worth that is in us. A smile, a kind word, showing care and concern to someone around you could make all the difference. Live an impactful life; be a blessing to people around you and to posterity. Let the motive behind your actions be how to help someone or make their lives better. Actively think about how you can bless someone or add value to their lives. A lot of multinationals and big companies today are a product of some peoples’ efforts to create solutions to problems. Seek to create solution to problems, that way wealth and income would gravitate towards you.

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Remember, you are a success!


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