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Making a Career Switch

Making a Career Switch

There are many reasons why people make a change in career. Some realise that they have other passions apart from what they studied in school; some discover other more lucrative professions; the reasons are endless and peculiar to each individual.

There are some important things to consider before making a career change;

Avoid the in-thing syndrome

A lot of people enter into a profession because that is what is trending and currently has the highest pay. This should not be what should influence you to join a profession; you should not join the bandwagon. Your decision should be based on a clearly-defined purpose. The career should be something you love to do and have capacity for. It should be something that you are passionate about.

Take your time

Before making a major decision such as changing your career, think about it; weigh all the pros and cons. If possible have a process of transition from the current career into the prospective one. It won’t be nice if you change your career today and in another 6 months you are out of it again looking for something else to do. Pause, think, ask yourself is this what I really want to do and can do for a lifetime?

Change may not be in career

The change you need may not necessarily be a career switch. You may currently be bored with your job or what you do has become monotonous, but that does not necessarily imply that you need a career change. What you need may just be a better job in the same profession, with a higher income or a different job that exposes you to other sectors or areas of the same industry. For example, maybe for years you’ve been working with the service providers, moving over to work with the operators will give you new experiences and exposure that will help you to be rounded in your career.

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Get certifications, and training

This helps you stay abreast of developments in your career. Never come to a place that you stop developing yourself or become outdated in your career. Know the current trends in your field, stay on top.

To your career success. . .


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