If you grew up in Nigeria, I am sure you will be quite familiar with the Zobo drink. Some call it African black currant drink while some call it Nigerian cranberry juice.

Zobo drink is made from the fruit of Roselle plant (some refer to it as Sorrel). Roselle plant is popularly known as Isapa soup in Yoruba language. The attractive wine colour of this drink is so appealing. Zobo is an inexpensive drink that is rich in taste and also has great health benefits.

The average time it takes to make this drink is about 40 minutes.

Ingredients for Zobo

2 cup of Zobo leaves (Sorrell leaves)

1 litre of Water

1 Cup of Pineapple Juice

Sweetener (Sugar, Honey or Stevia)

1 Teaspoon of ground Mustard Seed

2 capfull of Allspice (preferably banana spice)

1 Teaspoon of Cloves

1 Tablespoon of Ginger Root extract

Directions for making Zobo

Rinse the Zobo leaves with cool water. Add the water and the Zobo leaves with all the other ingredients except pineapple juice and sweetener and let it come to a boil.  When you take it off the heat, allow it to steep for 30 minutes.

Strain the Juice (don’t discard the leaves) and add your favourite sweetener.

You can use the left over leaves for another batch but you should reduce the amount of liquid you’ll use so that it doesn’t appear bland.

Another important thing to note is that the amount of Juice you are able to extract depends on how dry the Zobo leaves are.

Finally, add the cold Pineapple Juice. Refrigerate and serve Chilled.

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For variety and greater health benefits, you can use freshly extracted apple juice or water melon juice. And if you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, you can mix up with a little bit of red wine.

I love taking this drink just after coming back from my evening jogging. It’s totally refreshing and calming.

Do you have a special way of making Zobo? Let us know in the comments section!

Adanma Onuoha


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