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How to Make Moi Moi Like a Chef

Moi moi is one of my favourite foods. This is one meal I can eat as much as I want without the guilty feeling that comes with consuming excess calories because it’s packed with proteins.

Moi moi is made from peeled beans and can be cooked using broad leaves, foil, cellophane bags (not advisable), plastic bowls(not advisable) or empty milk tins.

It can be served as a side dish with rice or eaten as a meal on its own.

Ingredients for Moi Moi

4 cups beans

4 big tatashe

Vegetable oil


Titus fish

Chopped onion

3 seasoning cubes


Warm water

Moi Moi Cooking Steps

Soak the beans for a few minutes (less than 5 minutes)  and skin. Blend with the pepper and onions. You can blend at home or take to a mill depending on the quantity.

After blending, add some vegetable oil, salt and seasoning.

Add some warm water to the consistency you want. Add mashed Titus fish and corned beef in chunks and stir just once or twice. Pour in bags, leaf or plastic.

Cook with enough water to cover the bottom of the pot but not to enough to cover the moi moi and check after 10 minutes. It is important to note that moi moi has the tendency to rise, so it is advised not to fill the tin or plastic. Remember to cook your moi moi in a large pot. Check water as you cook as it tends to dry up fast.

After about 15 minutes, your moi moi should be ready to serve.

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Hot moi moi has a really appealing aroma and very great taste. Some people are of the school of thought that the version prepared with broad leaves or banana leaves has greater nutritional values apart from having a very rich taste.

Another version of moi moi can be prepared by switching vegetable oil with palm oil. This gives a homely taste that cannot easily be forgotten. whichever way, moi moi is a very great source of protein and a healthy meal any day.

Adanma Onuoha


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