Edikang Ikong is a Nigerian soup typical prepared by ethnic groups in the south (Efiks, Ibibio etc). Edikang Ikong soup is prepared with Pumpkin leaves , water leaf and a whole lot of other ingredients.

There has always been a major controversy about the ratio of pumpkin leaves to water leaf: some argue that water leaf should be more, while others argue in favor of pumpkin leaves. Others say both should be done in equal amounts but after loads of research and experiment, i came to the conclusion that it is best if water leaf is more at ration 3:2.

Ingredients for Edikan Ikong

2 bunches Pumpkin leaves –(ugu)

3 bunch water leaves

Beef (8 medium pieces)

Ponmo (cow skin) ( 6 pieces cooked and cut)

Smoked fish (1 medium size)

Stock Fish (1 cup cooked)

Dried prawns (1/2 cup)

Crayfish (ground) 4 Tablespoons

Dry Pepper (1tspn)

Palm oil (1/4 cup)

Seasoning cube

Salt to taste

Directions for Making Edikan Ikong

In a large pot, combine the pre-cooked Beef, ponmo and stockfish. Add a little water then put in the dried prawns and crayfish. Simmer on medium heat until it starts to boil. Then add in the seasoning cubes, dried pepper, salt and palm oil. Simmer for another 5 minutes or until the palm oil is well dissolved.

Adanmma Onuoha

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